A Summer to Remember

What if instead of forgetting facts over the summer,

children reviewed facts twice a day...every time they brushed their teeth.

Students would return to school knowing their facts better than ever!

Here is a simple, cost-free way to make it happen.

We have created a series of videos that help children brush their teeth better and longer, while reviewing math facts. By attaching math facts to teeth brushing, we insure that children review math facts on a daily basis.

Math Facts Monthlys2r_2017_files/May%208%20Newsletter.pdf
For Teacherss2r_2017_files/Plan%20for%20Teachers%20May%202017.pdf

Question What is the best way to establish a new habit? 

Answer Attach it to an existing habit.

Brush Up Videos


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How I Brushed Up on

Math Facts Essay Contest

How to Enter/Prizes

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