Empower children to use math facts

like a musician uses notes...

to understand, appreciate and express.

A Math Facts Resource for All

In 1980, while working on my credential, I was a teacher’s aide in a 5th Grade classroom.
I remember being surprised that so many 5th Graders did not know basic math facts.
I vowed that when I was a teacher, that would not be the case in my classroom.

In 1983, I became a Third Grade Teacher.  I tried everything: I nagged, yelled and pleaded, but In June, I said goodbye to some children who were still counting.  Since then I have developed flashcards, software, workbooks, and apps.  These tools have helped thousands of children learn math facts, but there are still millions of children who struggle because they do not know these essential facts.  My goal is to create the ultimate math facts resource.  

Understanding and Recall
I grew up during a time when you were told to memorize facts, and you did.  Understanding was not part of the equation.  Some educators believe children do not need to recall facts quickly, as long as they understand what the facts mean.  Why not have both?  If children understand a fact, they will have an easier time recalling it.  If they can recall facts effortlessly, they can focus on more complex concepts.

Key Ingredients
Use things in children’s lives, like time, food, money, etc., when teaching math facts.
Provide practice that eliminates counting and provides immediate feedback.
Teach children how to study, and help them build a study habit.

A Place to Go When You Don’t Know
When you want to know information, you go to Google.  When children want to learn a math fact or a set of facts, they can come here.  They can learn ways to understand an individual fact or fact family, or practice a set of facts.

I recently watched a video of Apple CEO, Tim Cook.  He said something that stuck with me.  Create something that benefits humanity and you will find the job you love.  Join me in making this site a resource to help children understand and recall basic math facts, so that they can appreciate the beautiful language of mathematics.  How you can help.
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