“When children practice something every day, and each day they get a little better, they will feel powerful.”

My name is Mitch.  I was a Third Grade Teacher.
I know how important it is for children to know basic math facts. 

We are introducing a new way for children to practice and learn math facts.  Children choose something they want to get really good at, (soccer, baseball, martial arts, dance, music, etc.), and they combine practicing that skill with math facts.

When practice is fun, children practice longer and more often.  Our brains learn better when we are doing something we like.  Our brains learn better when we are moving.

We want to empower your children by getting them to experience practice in a positive way.  The Parent’s Guide has an article on how you can help.  If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line.

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Parent’s Guide

An Overview

  1. 1)Children design their own practice routine. 

  1. 2)Children write practice goals.

  1. 3)Children make an entry in their practice log after they practice.

  1. 4)On occasion, do their routine with them.

  1. 5)Complete your section of the entry form and sign it.

After the challenge, weekly SmartCharts help children strengthen their home practice habit.

View and print the Parent’s Guide for details.

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